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YouTube to mp3

Convert Youtube videos to mp3 audio files and download them for free

Using this Youtube Video Downloader tool you can convert YouTube videos to mp3 audio files and download them to your devices for free. In case, you want to convert YouTube videos to mp4 video files, click on the "mp4" button right next to the "YouTube to mp3" button placed at the top right position.

YouTube Playlist Downloader
To download YouTube playlist videos as mp3 audio files in one zip file, check out our YouTube Playlist Downloader.

YouTube Video Downloader

Our Youtube Video Downloader offers two conversion tools: YouTube to mp3 and YouTube to mp4. Both of them are free and come with these features.

No need of a third party software
No need of a third party software

To download a YouTube video in any format (mp3 or mp4) using our website, you don't need any additional software or extension. So, the thing is just between you, your browser and us!

Unlimited downloads
Unlimited downloads

You can download unlimited number of YouTube videos in any format (mp3 or mp4) for free. But, keep in mind that the time that our servers would take to convert a video will depend on its size (or duration). Currently, we have an upper limit of 75 MB for all formats.

Secure downloads
Secure downloads

All download links are encrypted with HTTPS to maximize protection against any form of bad behavior or bad guys trying to hurt you. So, it is safe to say that we are 100% safe!

Free YouTube Video Downloader supported formats

Click on any of the formats below (mp3 or mp4) to start converting your YouTube video to the selected format.

YouTube to mp3
YouTube to mp4

How to use YouTube Video Downloader?

How to use YouTube Video Downloader Step 1
Enter the YouTube URL

Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert to either mp3 or mp4. Then, paste it in the input field placed at the top of the page below the ytd9 logo. The URL could be in these formats: / watch?v=VIDEO_ID / watch?v=VIDEO_ID / VIDEO_ID

How to use YouTube Video Downloader Step 2
Start the conversion

After pasting the YouTube URL in the input field click or tap on the "Convert" button (placed right next to the input field) to start the conversion process. If on a PC, just press "Enter" key from your keyboard after you have pasted the YouTube URL to start the conversion process.

How to use YouTube Video Downloader Step 3

The conversion process will take a short amount of time (usually 2 to 3 seconds) to convert your YouTube video to your desired format (mp3 or mp4) and will generate the download link right below the input field, clicking on which will initiate your download. Yay! Also, note that the conversion time depends on the size (or duration) of the video. Longer videos take more time for conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ytd9 safe?

Yes, ytd9 is 100% safe.

How many videos can I convert for free?

You can convert unlimited videos for free. But, the size of one mp3 file cannot exceed 75 MB, which is the upper limit set for now and can be increased in future.

Where will my downloaded files be saved?

They will be saved in the default download folder (or the one specified by you) of your browser.

Can I download mp3 files on Android?

Yes, you can download mp3 files from your Android device using your favorite browser.
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